Streaming Schedule Week of May 29 2023

Hello, Cozy Gang!

The onset of summer is always a busy time at the House of Cozy. Between multiple May through July birthdays, convention season, and general getting out of the house, we’ve always got something going on! Does summer get you moving too?

I needed a tiny break Monday night, so I napped in lieu of streaming. However I will be back Tuesday with gaming and back on schedule again after!

Streaming Schedule for week of May 29

Monday 7:30PM EST – No Stream!
Tuesday 3:30PM EST – Gaming Stream with Stardew Valley!
Thursday 7:30PM EST – Continuing on Sam!

Please come by and check out the stream Monday and Thursday at 7:30pm EST for artwork and chatting and Tuesday at 3:30pm EST for gaming! As always, follows, bits, donations and subscriptions are appreciated but never required!

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