Cozy Gang 2021 #TwitchRecap!

2021 TwitchRecap

We’ve had a fun year full of laughter, cozy drawing sessions, chaotic gameplay, and Gawdziller! 🤣 Thank all of you for being a part of my life and bringing me lots of joy! I hope my streams have helped brighten your year too!

What was your favorite moment, Cozy Gang? It’s hard for me to choose but I think the Gawdziller art stream, 1-Block Skyblock Enderdragon battle, and Deltarune streams are some of my favorites!

The Art Hype emote is from the awesome CupOhJoe’s channel! Check out his awesome art streams too!

I was a guest on Episode #143 of the Comic Section Podcast!

Recently I got to join the awesome J Roc as a guest host on the Comic Section Podcast! They let me share a bit about my comic making career and chat about some current events such as Brendan Fraser being cast to play a villain in the upcoming Batgirl film, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania adding Bill Murray to the cast in a secret role, and Hayden Christensen returning in the Ahsoka Star Wars Series! It was an honor being a part of it and was so much fun! Thanks to the Comic Section for having me!

Christine’s 2020 Art!

Well, that was a year.

Started off all ready to work on Undead Norm and getting more comics done then something happened… I wonder what… 🤔 It might have killed my desire to work on a zombie comic and then my productivity for most of the year but I am happy with the art growth that I had.

I started Streaming in late June and I have been working slowly on comic pages for Phantom ’79 that I still need to finish. Thank you to everyone who has been helping me get through this crazy year! I have big plans for 2021 and looking forward to sharing it with you as I get them ready! Happy New Year!

Warm-Up Sketches Dec 26

Video of some of the warm-up sketches from last week!

I absolutely love drawing in Clip Studio Paint and the new timelapse feature is a much welcomed addition to their program! I have to admit that I have been envious of Procreate users who have been using it for their pictures. Now I get to share my creations like this!

In this video, you can enjoy some of my daily warm-up sketches from last week! you will notice that I did take the recording from my Twitch broadcasts to get my Sango and Kite sketches. I did that one before I tried out the timelapse feature. Arle, Mey-Rin, and Nezuko were made using Clip Studio Paint’s timelapse feature.