Streaming Schedule Week of June 12 2023

Hello, Cozy Gang!

It’s been rather rainy the past few days, and looks like more rain coming soon, but it’s going to be a great week nonetheless! At the end of the week my husband and I are going to be going to Heroes Convention in Charlotte, NC for the first time since 2019! We’re very excited to go again and catch up with all our friends especially some of our fellow streamers we haven’t seen before!

Because of the shortened week, I’m only streaming on Monday and Tuesday this week, so here’s the schedule for this week and I hope to see you all there!

Streaming Schedule for week of June 12

Monday 7:30PM EST – Art Stream continuing the My Hero Birthday Project!
Tuesday 3:30PM EST – Gaming Stream with Stardew Valley!

Please come by and check out the stream Monday and Thursday at 7:30pm EST for artwork (only Monday this week!) and Tuesday at 3:30pm EST for gaming! As always, follows, bits, donations and subscriptions are appreciated but never required!

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