So I started a Ko-fi and a sticker club!

Hey, Cozy Gang! I wanted to let you know that I have started a Ko-fi page like many creators out there. I feel like it is a great platform for creators to share their work and for those who wish to support them. It is a little empty right now but I will be using this page to help you help me create more art and comics!

What is Ko-fi?

Ko-fi is a website that allows people to find creators and help them out by “buying a coffee” aka donating some money. You can do this as a one-time donation or subscribe for monthly perks. Content creators can provide public posts about their work and/or provide some private perks that contributors can see. Some creators even use the website to host their online shops for digital and physical products.

How am I going to use it?

Great question! I am trying to figure that out but for now, I have a few supporter-only posts available already. I will be adding more behind-the-scenes content, commission slots, and previews for future merch and comics. In addition, I have started a Ko-fi sticker club!

Did you say “Ko-fi Sticker Club?!”

Yes, I did! Two new stickers will come out monthly along with a handwritten thank you note from me. You can help me out with at least $5 a month and you get these goodies in the mail!

If you sign up anytime during December, you will qualify for these cuties in the mail! If you ever decide that you do not want the month’s stickers, you can cancel your sub for that month.

How will this help you create more comics/art?

a long-haired man with a scrupulous expression in business attire sits below text that reads "I receive Money, you receive More Comics and Art"

I may be a working artist and I appreciate all of you who help me keep creating by sharing my work and buying my merch and comics through my online store and at conventions, but I’m also a working artist. Paying collaborators, web hosting, new merch, and convention fees rack up, and keeping that going can be difficult. This is just another way that gets my creations to you and you get to help me keep crafting new projects. You get behind-the-scenes looks at my works, new stickers, and help me keep going.

If any of this sounds like something you want to be a part of, please check out my Ko-fi page. If you aren’t ready to donate, please consider giving it a follow so you can be alerted when I make new public posts and add commission options.